Beni Dhomi

Beni Dhomi

Music & Research & Developer

Beni Dhomi - Front-end Developer & Designer

About Me

I’m a music conductor & developer from Kosova, living in The Netherlands. I love developing and researching. I am christian, and love the Bible. I also love taking close-up / macro pictures of flowers and bugs.


I’ve spent the last 15 years working as a symphony and opera conductor, and as a software developer.

OLAP Music Dimensions pdf for downloading
A Sample-spreadsheet for using with olap music dimensions for download
IBM Cognos tutorial: Snelheidswinst
Command line DOS tips

Hobby #1

Taking close-up/macro photos from beautiful flowers, trees and bees.

Flower close-up, macro

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You may freely use them of course, they are all under Creative Commons license, so go on.

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I am currently researching Bible and Music exciting projects! So don’t be shy, feel free to contact me regarding anything (almost).


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